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A fantasy roleplaying forum dedicated to rping sites that enjoy good stories and imagination. It is the official boards for Palanestina, but also the home of other roleplay ideas such as medieval Kingdoms and ancient lands
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New boards!
Kingdoms Tales - Portal Icon_minitimeWed May 21, 2008 1:06 pm by Admin
As you can see. The boards are being revamped. Not only is this the home for Palanestina's forums, it is now going to be a merged system of Kingdoms. Palanestina, Ophids, Aizura and whomever else wishes to join. At the moment only Palanestina and Ophids are completed. A lot of the forum is divided into subcategories so please feel free to explore.

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Board News
Kingdoms Tales - Portal Icon_minitimeWed Jan 16, 2008 1:21 pm by Admin
So my dumplings, just a few minor changes to the boards style. The sub-forums as you can see for one, the other being the char sheet. Not massive just small where instead of posting on the forum some of your stats, you can post them there, like skills and armors, things that were not really asked for you to post in your char description. We'd like to keep it just as that, a description of your …

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Chat site news
Kingdoms Tales - Portal Icon_minitimeSun Nov 25, 2007 12:32 pm by Admin
Here is a very over due update for the chat.

New rooms have been added, and a few old ones have been deleted or renamed. These include.

FireForge Marketplace - Marketplace

Vampire Haven - gone

Celerist - gone

Carpathians Glenn - added

Green Forest - added

Ice Cavern - added

Nightflames room - added

Marshes - added

Experience points were also rewarded to those that …

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Chat site News
Kingdoms Tales - Portal Icon_minitimeThu Jul 26, 2007 11:36 pm by Admin
A quick update on roleplays and happenings in the site

1. Tylol was sent on a secret mission by Princess Marcia to the Dark Citadel to confirm suspicion that Trina was using Moonelf magic.

2. General Cresent joined Tylol in the mission.

3. Tylol was badly injured in an attempt to free Moonelves from Trina's dungeon but was assisted by the orge Gore in escaping. General Cresent later …

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Chatter banned
Kingdoms Tales - Portal Icon_minitimeMon Jul 16, 2007 1:47 am by Admin
Lady Amethyst has been banned from the site and these boards and WILL NOT be allowed back in.

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Chat site News
Kingdoms Tales - Portal Icon_minitimeTue Jul 10, 2007 2:16 pm by Admin
Major events that have happened in the Chat since the year began *laughs* Figured I'd start there, and um if I miss something I am sorry but I doubt I will.

1. Alexi Nightflame is indicted into the Royal army as Major General.Trina attacks the Nightflame campsite.

2. Trina signed a treaty with Palanestina not to harm or attack any area or person of the Kingdom in return, Marcia would …

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